What is it that I DO as the Thinker Coach? Put simply, I help people who feel something in their life is “off”. Out of alignment. In my experience, the number one cause of a sustained feeling of misalignment is when a person’s values and goals are not integrated.

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To flourish in life, to experience a sense of accomplishment, your goals must follow from your values—your virtues plus your personal preferences. And you must clearly identify what your values are before you can form goals. Otherwise, your goals are like throwing darts at a map of your life, hoping one of them hits something that turns out good.

You may be wondering how what I do is different from a “life coach”, I have a resource you can read: “What Is The Difference Between A Thinker Coach And A Life Coach?

If you are here for the first time, please start out by reading my “Getting Started” guide, which contains a simple activity you can use to start gaining some clarity in your life today.

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I teach cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) skills to deal with Stress, Anxiety, ADHD, and Depression. Skills, not pills. Sessions Available. Not A Psychologist.


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